1. Well tbh, Arshavin was a beast four years ago and nasri was one of the
    biggest talents in the world but we all know how they ended up in arsenal..

  2. 4 years later and this message is possibly the most hilarious thing i have
    read this year!!

  3. Nasri will be good addition to Arsenal. but dont expect him to adapt in epl
    quickly. i see he is a lightweight player. so he need time to adapt to
    physical challenge in epl. but fabregas also a lightweight player but one
    of the best midfielder in epl. give Nasri more time and he would be a great
    player for arsenal.

  4. lame? half of all the midfielders can’t dribble with the power he does at
    the professional level.

  5. lol welcome to man city??? man city cannot scout players for shit lol they
    just see who everyoneelse is going for and try buy that player, which is
    why no top player will sign for you this summer i bet… city need 1 more
    great season to attract top players and a better scouting system yo.

  6. very good that hes both footed thats very good hope he comes to arsenal im
    a big fan of him

  7. Ahahaha, sod the other clubs that are trying to sign Nasri! Gooner for
    life! Arsenal till i die! Hands off scums! Why don’t you other clubs
    discover other genuine players for yourselves, rather then trying to leech
    off of us? Its because they are jealous from us. Losing both Nasri and
    Fabregas is just well too much, if that does happen, then Wenger and half
    the board need to lose their flipping jobs, plus David Dein needs to come
    back. A man who really cared about Arsenal football club.

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