The manager of Paris Saint-Germain, Laurent Blanc, is not happy with the way his team played in its previous game against the Belgian club Anderlecht. That was a Champions League game and PSG had gone into that game as favourites, but, they couldn’t secure 3 points despite the fact that the opposition was reduced to 10 men towards the end of the match.

That game eventually finished in the form of a draw as a result of which both the teams were given one point each. Despite that draw, PSG remained at the first position in the Group C points table. The French club has secured 10 points in their 4 games so far with the help of 3 wins.

PSG is almost certain to qualify for the knockouts. They have a couple of group games left and all they need to secure is 1 more point. The kind of players they have got, that should not be a big deal for them, but, Blanc would know that from the next round onwards, his team can’t afford to commit as many mistakes as they committed in the match against Anderlecht.

Talking to the reporters in the press conference after the match against Anderlecht, Blanc said, “We played average football and we can’t do that against good teams. There were quite a few technical mistakes committed by us and that has happened after a while. In the last three games, we were absolutely fantastic.”

“We should avoid being complacent. There is a long way to go for us in this tournament.”

Blanc also hailed the opposition side and said that they should be credited for the way they fought despite losing one of their main players.

Blanc said, “The Anderlecht players were organized. They showed great fighting spirit and they got rewarded for that.”