1. the interviewers tell him that they know he is a fan of angelina jolie and
    that they wanted to have her there for him to meet her but that she
    couldn’t be there so they say that they’re sorry about that, then they say
    that they have a surprise for him, and they show the clip of people who
    grew up with him and his closest friends who talk about him, his childhood
    and that he could, all by himself, beat an entire team.. he says then that
    it meant a lot for him (basically it wa about that)

  2. dam i wish i could speak french i love sam but i cant understand any of his
    interviews =(

  3. c tro un bg é en pluss il joue tro bien dmg kil é pu a marseille mintenan
    mé a liverpool 🙁 ten pi moi jdi allé l’OM

  4. Oui désolé je me suis trompé et j’ai fait une grosse faute d’orthographe !
    Sinon Merci a tout ce qui regarde mes vidéos et a bientot avec une vidéos
    sur le match de Nasri en équipe de france !

  5. oui nasri t’es le meilleur !! jtdr !! et surtout garde bien la tete sur les
    épaules mais t’es bien parti pour etre le futur zizou !!

  6. Fuck the arabian peninsula. It’s the North Africa that should be proud

  7. Did u really have the impression that they were talkin about AJ? They talk
    about his life and prograssion in the soccer world. They paint the image of
    a nice guy, who started with empty hands and looks like can do very well.
    In particular they show his friends and family and try to show how he’s
    still attached to his world….Let s say it s a good way to make French
    people love with him, but its a good thing…

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