1. Nasri- “It is unfair because I think we have more merit as a club than those who have built their teams with millions of pounds whereas Arsenal have brought in young footballers, who have come here to play a certain kind of football and who have”

    what the hell happened?

  2. @Kosovasfinestgooner you cant see into the future either… you just said they will lose first place… i say thats ‘predicting the future’. and just so you know manchester city had one of the toughest groups in the champions league. btw, i do have a clue about this subject, ur a fucking dumbass ok?

  3. @TheBumbleDee Yes! City are top of the league, for now. But come May will they still be there? Oh yeah how could i forget you can see into the future! Fucking idiot.. Typing on a subject you have no clue about and not even making sense whilst your posting just proves to me that this has been pointless. Listen up though ‘TheBumbleDee’ when city spend over 300 fucking million pounds on players they are expected to be in firm control of the title but nope they still go and lose to

  4. @TheBumbleDee Can’t debate properly? Results to completely changing the subject? It’s pretty ironic how you can call me a ‘dumbass’ when you can’t spell or structure a sentence properly with correct punctuation. What has me playing football got to do anything with City failure at qualifying for the knockout stages of the champions league or with Nasri spending more time on the bench, got to do with anything?

  5. @Kosovasfinestgooner i suppose you could do better? id love to see you get to play for manchester city. and actually… they wil win some they will lose some.. whos in first right now? man city.. who does nasri play for? Man city. whos gonna come first? man city. so shut the fuck up dumbass.

  6. @TheBumbleDee And your certain of that because.. you are again? yeah that’s right a nobody. Oh and they win some they lose some phrase aint gonna work here KID! when you spend over 200 million in the past few seasons you would think you could get at least to the quarter finals let alone past the fucking group stages. moron!

  7. @KevVillato I’m sorry, did u just say “song sucks?”…seriously dude, watch him play..Live! I’m not gonna argue with ya because everyone has their own opinion (:D)

  8. @11boomboompow szczesny yes,mikel yes a little,willshere yes,song no he sucks!,sagna yes. i just say van persie and Vermaelen cause they do almost everything.

  9. @KevVillato So far, I can say yes. I like him because he’s a type of player that is very hard find, like Cesc, what he did, I believe Ramsey is doing it right now, playmaker and beautiful passes, same goes to Wilshere, but Nasri has a very good technique and what he did for Arsenal not many people could do, I don’t see anyone in Arsenal right now can do like what Nasri have done.

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