1. @vaggelisgreece1 ironic prediction. Considering City have made the top four ONCE since the 1960s… whilst Arsenal have done it every year for the last 15 years, without spending our way to success. Our biggest signing was £15mill – u spent more on Jo!!! LOL

  2. @hamburggirlx3 Why on Earth would he regret it? Top of the league while Arsenal are 5th. More money. 7 assists because he actually plays with good players now. Haters gonna hate.

  3. @LilShifty69 No problem but I have just one more thing to add…… Oh Manchester, oh Manchester, is wonderful, is wonderful, oh Manchester is wonderful, its full of tits, fanny and United, oh Manchester is wonderful!!! MUFC till I die, Manc born and bred!! 😉 LOL That just shows how retarded he is though that I’m sticking up for a Shitty fan, no offense. 🙂

  4. @emirates111 How are you going to “verbally enialate” him? When you can’t spell annihilate and you have the cheek to call northerners dumb inbred cunts. Retard. You’re making a joke of yourself.

  5. @LilShifty69 i love how u copy what i say.. northerners are looked at as inbred because of the huge numbers of cunts say in manchester living in council houses.. doin heroin infront of their new born baby. and as far as enjoying watching a shit club goes.. when was the last time you won the premier league or went 49 unbeaten or a double for that matter.. enjoy thursday nights u mug.

  6. @emirates111 Lmaoo, alright champ… And me go back to school ?!? You’re the stupid cunt that cant write properly.. Peace dickhead, enjoy supporting a joke of a club you inbred fuck.

  7. @LilShifty69 I aint your bro. Now i could verbally enialate you anyday of the week.. plainly because you are as thick as pig shit. nasri is warming the subs bench.. well done ‘ clap, clap’.. but was bought on a cheap 25MILLION and was in my opinion the best player in the premiership at the end of last season. mate wot are u talking about.. NO wenger wouldn’t do the same thing because wenger is sitting on 40MIL you mug.
    now i suggest you support your local team ‘you didnt mention that’ did you..

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