1. honestly he was a great player…. hero at arsenal who started every week. one of the best players in the league. now hes playing some games and its not like MC fans are in love with him (theyve got aguero and silva to sing about in matches). he will win more trophies with MC than he will with arsenal, that is true, but was it really worth it? im trying to see this from his point of view…..

  2. Such a shame Nasri. He could’ve been an Arsenal legend. The fans loved and adored him. Now he’s destroyed his own career because of greed. He may win the league with Man City but he will never experience the satisfaction, like he would have had it been with Arsenal

  3. He’s gone from being arsenal’s third best player (who was guranteed a start) to like city’s 4th best who sits on the bench = thats what happend when you go to Mon£y City

  4. @IronmAidenthatsy He didnt want to stay. All fans and Wenger wanted him to stay. He is a fucking mug and a moneygrabber. Hope he enjoys the bench. Lost all my respect for him. Nice assist to Welbeck the other day…

  5. @polakskater101 i just hav too say that this year nasri has been shit id rather arteta over nasri, nasri has been on the bench and i barely hear his name but fabregas its only matter of tyme when he starts sitting on the bench i hope he doesnt coz i like him but its just an arsenal curse on the players they just never reach their potential :/

  6. @PlayerKillerRS I said it’s run like a youth academy, not that it is a youth academy. The fact that Arsenal brings up a lot of youths is awesome, and the young players they bring up usually produce. I mean that when you have a player like Fabregas or Nasri, you should throw big numbers at them because they could be the edge you need to beat the higher tier teams. Mikel Arteta is in no shape or form equal to that of Nasri or Fab.

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