1. Video referee – Successful testing of the video referee Premier league Czech Republic, second year.
    video clip for youtube.com/watch?v=1eaGTrTMb50

  2. there were some referee errors, but you cant say that Bosnia didn’t win just because of the ref, please stop being so childish. And look at the overall result, France needed a draw, Bosnia needed to win. Who has done better in overall?

  3. @Toghebon exactly, its a man’s game and they wanna bitch cause things didnt go their way, and i aint even french but some Bosnians piss me off man. always moaning about some shit

  4. France have paid a massive tribute to awful refereeing in the last five years (2006 final against Italy (football), 2007 semifinal against Germany (handball), 2011final against New Zealand (rugby)). So what? You guys are the gayest sissies I’ve ever seen. Couldn’t even beat France on home pitch, all you do well is complaining, and complaining again. Get a life. Stop being gay. And go back to training. We’ll meet again.

  5. @MagicSonePRESS yet, he got his foot broken by malouda. that ref was terrible. same with wolfgang stark. worst ref ever. we got robbed in the sleeziest way possible.

  6. @babikton

    The referee did make some judgement errors. however, 0:58 was the correct call. no contact needed to warrant a caution, or even a send off. the penalty was definitely not the greatest decision on a pitch–to be humble

  7. @nikostravoltas I also want France to lose first round. I’m not a fan of French arrogance so I tend to want them to lose, even though not all French are the same. I’m for Poland.

  8. This is awful refereeing – I don’t blame him for booking Spahic though, that little shit Menez would’ve fooled me as well at full speed! If anything the linesman should be the one to notice a dive like that, but it happens so fast.

  9. This just shows that Bosnia should have won. I just wonder how much France was paying the ref. Jebem ti majku. Good job Bosna. You should have won.

  10. french people dont have good players from there own country so they pay africans …… this is winning with no pride at all ….. viva FUCK FRANCE

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