Marquinhos may leave PSG

Brazilian defender Marquinhos has threatened to leave Paris Saint-Germain if the French club does not allow him to play in the Olympics football tournament.

Marquinhos has already represented Brazil at the Copa America and now want to represent his country at the Olympics competition. The French side has stated that Marquinhos will be better off returning to the club in order to prepare the new season, but the Brazilian defender does not seem to accept this situation.

Marquinhos brother has already stated that the player might be prepared to leave Paris Saint-Germain if ever they prevent him from playing at the Olympics. The Brazilian national team has selected Marquinhos, but no FIFA rule forces the French club to let him go. Most European clubs have offered the choice to the players to play either at the Copa America or the Olympics as it was the case with Neymar and Messi.

Marquinhos said that he has been waiting for this tournament all his life and that he wants to participate in the Olympics football tournament in Brazil. He stated that the tournament will be held in his home country and that he will be playing in front of his friends and relatives.

Marquinhos brother Luan has said that Paris Saint-Germain should understand his brother. He said that Marquinhos has often been on the substitute bench for the big games for the French club and that the club will not miss him. He added that his brother has always been an excellent player for Paris Saint-Germain and that it would have been good if the club allows him to play at the Olympics football tournament.

Luan said that Marquinhos is so interested to play in the tournament that he is prepared to leave Paris Saint-Germain if ever the club does not allow him to participate.