Laurent Blanc and team under Difficult Time

Laurent Blanc and his squad are having a much more difficult time in this season in comparison to the previous campaign where they managed to win the French League by a whopping 9 points but this time around PSG is competing just stay in the top 4 spots.

Their latest league match concluded with a surprising 4-2 defeat when facing off with the relegation threatened club Bastia. A few weeks prior to this loss and PSG had to settle with a goal-less when playing against Montpellier, these aren’t the kind of results that a club such as PSG is accustomed to see but it’s happening on a frequent basis in this season as the amount of money that the owners of the French club have been spending in these past few years are supposed to help the club in avoiding these kinds of results.

For the past few seasons PSG has been making a huge splash in the transfer market with David Luiz turning into the most expensive defender in the history of football when he made his move from Chelsea to PSG for a price tag of £50 million, Thiago Silva also arrived at a very high price when he arrived to the French club a few years ago but even with these highly rated players, PSG has appeared to be falling apart recently and this is not only evident in their results but also in the dressing rooms.

EzequielLavezzi and EdinsonCavani are believed to have been missing out from training sessions on December 29th when PSG travelled to Morocco and stayed for four days but neither player made it in the scheduled day.

It is no easy task trying to handle and keep under control so many players with his personalities such as: Ibrahimovic, David Luiz or EdinsonCavani but it has to be done in order for positive results to start arriving and this is what Laurent Blanc has to do.

Even with these recent disappointing results, Laurent Blanc still has the support of the owners of the club as the President Nasser Al Khelaifi said: “For me, Laurent Blanc’s position has never been in question. We will go right until the end with him. We can reach our targets.”

Laurent Blanc has the backing of the billionaire owners but unless he can start turning things around for PSG, his time at the club might be starting to run out.