Khacheridi Wants Ukraine National Football Team To Stay More Clinical

While Ukrainian football fans are delighted with Ukraine’s 1-0 triumph in the recent Macedonia FYR match, the winning team defender Khacheridi feels his squad should stay more clinical.

According to star defender, his team would have been able to score a 2nd & 3rd goal as well had they not been so tensed by the end.

“My thoughts are really positive about the match. We came up with some extremely significant points, although I believe that we would have been able to score a 2nd & 3rd goal & not been in the huge stress that we found ourselves in by the finalization of the match. We wished to score by the beginning of the game but it is great that we got to score prior to half-time”, remarked the Ukraine national football team defender.

“We had chances to score more & could have come up with a 2nd one , but then we’re unlucky. Our coach said that Macedonia have got tall players & they’re really dangerous on the set plays & challenges. I do like their squad very much.”

The Ukraine national football team coach Mykhailo Fomenko is proud of his team but in tune with his defender, he too feels about positive chances for scoring one more goal in the match.

“Our squad is certainly not easy & we duly proved that today once again”, noted the proud coach. If Andriy had scored the penalty, the match would have been a lot easier. Our team still had ample chances, yet it ended up into a tensed scenario. However, it is 3 more points & it’s really significant for us. It is true that we came up with some mistakes in the match- yet we would be reviewing the match later.”