1. @Abdelbar94 I agree with you. Silva is one of the best players in the world. Cesc is the bigger name right now because he was in England for so long. But Silva is a player who I could see winning the Ballon D’or one day he’s that good.

  2. @dzidziolus You are drunk! Fabregas is the best central midfielder in the world (Xavi and Iniesta excused) Silva isn’t even better than Ozil and Xabi Alonso. But still David Silva is an world-class player.

  3. @arsenal4tupac
    Calm down, I’ve just expressed MY opinion and you DON’T HAVE TO agree with me. You shouldn’t cry every time you hear something you disagree with.

  4. I think this is the year that fergies players can’t do enough a defenders like rafael smalling jones fabio evans which are playing a lot and midfielders like cleverly anderson and strikers like welbeck and Owen just aren’t a good enough standard compared to the ronaldo and tevez of years ago they have no amazing keepers and rooney and nani off form with Ferdinand and vidic always injured!! No chance!!

  5. i still dislike nasri but you can see he still has that gunner mentality against spuds so for that he gets a little bit more appreciation. other than that lets see how his career goes.

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